Choose a Mastermind!

Choose your Mastermind!

Currently we offer 4 different Mastermind Groups, in the future the numbers and groups will expand.

If there is a topic you would be interested in but is not listed here, please let us know via the FosterTheFlow Facebook Page.


When the minimum amount of people have signed up for a specific Mastermind group the countdown begins before we set sail.

Missed the boat? No problem, you can sign up for the following Mastermind Group.

Destination “Unknown”

Although the specific topics have been set for each Mastermind Group, the outcome is yet to be discovered.

The intention has been set, now it’s up to the group intelligence to set goals, targets and find the treasure.


Basic Framework:

  • You enrol in one (or more) of the Masterminds
  • You will receive the confirmation and further details
  • When the “boat is full” we depart
  • Dates will be set for the Mastermind Sessions
  • Information wil be harvested and distributed within the groups
  • The last session is for reflection and closure of the Mastermind Group

A “Good Metaphor” for these Masterminds would be “Exploratory Boat Journeys”.

Once the boat is full (see maximum number of people) we set sail and the journey begins. The members get to know each other and from that point we deepen our journey towards the set “Direction”, developing as we go.

With the Mastermind Groups a “General Direction” will be set, for instance: “Heart Potential”. The intention therefor would be to further discover the hearts potential, the so called “Fruits” of the session will be harvested and shared (within the group).

What is ? is an action-based-company which derived  from Vincent Foster’s set to literally take things to the Next Level.

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